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What is SKILLETZ Foundation

  • It is a Social Enterprise, formed by group of professionals to create awareness about importance of Skills and how to develop, nurture such skills to survive personally and professionally

What do we do

  • We connect the dots between Demand and Supply of Skills by generating symbiotic partnerships and collaborations for the purpose.
  • Our Signature Program is SEED (Skill Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development Program). It is designed to create 1 lac women entrepreneurs by the end of the year 2022.


Why US

  • Our varied spectrum of activities help in generating strong network creating a conducive environment for generating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • We give a platform especially to Women Entrepreneurs and provide a conducive environment to develop an ecosystem for budding & existing women entrepreneurs across the country.

We are Social Community Builder

  • As a Social enterprise and community builder we organize programs, workshops to empower women, youth, self help groups to sustain themselves through various Government Schemes and also provide end to end support like marketing, financial, legal and other services.


  • Women empowerment
  • To promote self-employment and Entrepreneurship culture.
  • To enhance employability of educated youth through industry specific skill training
  • Capacity building for mass employment generation in India.
  • To promote, encourage and cultivate Self Employment in India
  • To Stimulate new ventures and expansion of existing ventures.
  • To upgrade managerial skills of existing entrepreneurs and develop potential capabilities for prospective entrepreneurs.
  • To meet the Funding requirements of Entrepreneurs. –

Our Core Team

Adv. Gauri ChandArayan, Mentor & Director
Adv. Gauri Chandrayan, Mentor & Director

Legal & MSME

CA Sonali Saripalli, Founder Director
CA Sonali Saripalli, Founder Director

Skills & Finance

Dr. Prachiti Punde, Director
Dr. Prachiti Punde, Director

Medicine & Life Coach

Shrruti Clarence, Director
Shrruti Clarence, Director

Image Enhancer & Consultant

Dr. Meetali More, Director
Dr. Meetali More, Director

Entrepreneur Educator & Work Psychologist


ideation stage

Ideation Stage

start up

Start Up

start up

Established Startup

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Stages of Entrepreneurship


Enterpreneur mentor

Entrepreneur Mentors, Corporates, NGOs, Social Organizations, Incubator, Accelerator, who can provide support in any form to the women entrepreneurs can register with us.

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Counsellors, Psychologists, Employers, Trainers, Free Lancers, Soft Skill Trainers, Research Analysts, Educators can register with us.


To conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps in the colleges

To Conduct Sector Specific Entrepreneurship Development Programme

To Conduct Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship

To Conduct Bankers/ Development Officials Sensitization Programme on Small Industry

To Conduct Capacity Building Programme in urban and rural areas to increase employability pool.

To conduct Skill Development Courses in various sectors

To Conduct Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme

To undertake Industry consultancy services

To undertake research assignments

To collaborate with other agencies/ organizations for mutually beneficial activities

Activities at a Glance

Ongoing Activities at a Glance

Skill Enhancement and Entrepreneurship
Development Program

  • SEED programme is designed to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs in India.
  • This environment will be a combination of economic, socio- cultural, and political factors that influence people’s willingness and ability to undertake entrepreneurial activities.
  • We will help a person to strengthen his/ her entrepreneurial motive and acquire appropriate skills and capabilities necessary for playing the entrepreneurial role effectively.
  • We will facilitate the availability of assistance and support services that accelerates the start-up process

Structure of SEED

Survey of entrepreneurial opportunities

Selection of Entrepreneurs

Profiling of Entrepreneurs

Creating Support system for entrepreneurs

Follow Up

Phases under SEED

phase under seed

Features of SEED

Identification and careful selection of entrepreneurs for training

Developing the entrepreneurial capabilities of the trainee

Equipping the trainee with the basic managerial understanding and strategies.

Ensuring a viable industrial project for each potential Entrepreneurs.

Helping him/her to secure the necessary financial, infrastructural and related assistance; and

Training cost is highly subsidised and only token fee is charged

Process of Selection of Entrepreneurs for SEED

  • The program is well publicized and promoted to attract maximum applications for screening.
  • Selection of top 25 to 30 applicants only in one batch
  • Applications screened for: Demographics and socio cultural data age, education, work exp, financial resources, type of business etc
  • Motivation factors – pull factors, source of encouragement, credibility, endurance, concreteness of plans
  • Psychological test results-traits like risk taking, need for achievement

Skill Enhancement Training under SEED

Training will focus on developing:

  • Entrepreneurial behaviors like taking initiative, grasping opportunity, Managing autonomously, solving problems creatively, Networking etc
  • Entrepreneurial attributes like achievement orientation, self confidence, self esteem, high internal locus of control, hard working, determination
  • Entrepreneurial skills like Creative problem solving, negotiating, selling, strategic thinking, intuitive decision making under uncertainty

Importance of Training/development

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Methods of Training

Individual Instruction

Group Instruction

Lecture Method

Demonstration Method

Written Instruction Method


Online and Physical Meetings

Organization Structure

We are Open to more
Collaborations & Partnerships

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